SmartBase selects and nurtures world class entrepreneurial talent and their innovative ideas. We mould this talent into viable businesses.

Life's a Pitch and The SPARK Challenge

Life’s a Pitch and The SPARK Challenge works with entrepreneurial teams that have technically and commercially validated concepts (typically post accelerator stage). Our final stage interventions encourage these teams towards investor readiness.

The next Life’s a Pitch will be delivered with the support of Temple University.


Monday, March 26, 2018
Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Temple University
Howard Gittis Student Center-Suite 400
1755 N. 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122


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Founder Teams will learn how to:


Perform under pressure


Stress test their business in front of a global angel network


Test and verify key assumptions before getting in front of funders


Develop routes to commercialisation


Develop leadership abilities for business growth

We do this through clinics, workshops, mentoring and case studies alongside expert inputs and an individualised business progression plan for each client.

Spark Challenge participants will typically have completed a business start-up or accelerator programme, have some baseline commercial and technical validation of their idea and are in the process of building the team that can deliver their vision.

They will often be in that challenging funding chasm between the end of a funded support vehicle and being in a fully ready position to secure next round funding.

Our programme will light a fire under them and propel them towards being investor ready in a short period of time. The Spark Challenge inspires startups towards global vision preparing them for achieving early angel and seed round funding.

Our mentor and advisory team provide an intensive nine-day programme covering vision, team, proposition, market, business model, investor deals and pitching.

-- methods --

  • Clinics and Workshops
    following the awareness, assessment and action learning model
  • Ongoing daily mentoring assignments and feedback
    for next steps
  • Action plans
    Linked to active learning / assignments derived from mentoring and advice sessions
  • Individual Work
    Linked to individualised business progression plans
  • Guest Speakers
    Success cases – “I did it, You can too & this is how”
  • Case Studies
    Peer group learning exercise
  • Expert Inputs
    Experts in core fields
  • Mentoring
    Group and individual support provided each day


Our methods achieve quick returns for its founders and investors In addition, no value can be placed on the increased self-esteem & positive social consequences experienced by each participant.

Joined up thinking – work with agencies startups and angel investors

Careful selection and screening of candidates

Select team delivering programme

Unique content, addressing fundamental personal and business needs

“They parachute in the very skill sets you need when you need them. and these guys are hands on without being intrusive. they are collaborators not mentors. they know where the inflection points are in your business and they work with you to exploit them.”

Helen Lennon,
Secure Broadcast

“New Markets, Great New Team members & Strong support. We have had so much help and support from the team in all their locations that we have now opened offices in the US with the SmartInvest Team help”

Lisa Clinton,


A4 pdf of your proposition

How have you heard about SmartBase?